Pros And Cons Of Factory Farming

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Cattle Decapitation or Human Annihilation Do you know how factory farms affect your health, the world around you, and your children 's future? Factory farms are one of the major leading causes of pollution ,which causes a great amount of problems. The animals produced by the masses on these factory farms are extremely exploited and treated inhumanely. The methane from tons of animal manure is causing detrimental global warming. Global warming is affecting much more than the temperature, its damaging crops, species of animals are going extinct, and humans are having health problems. Raising livestock requires a great amount of land ,including animal habitats and rainforests that used to nourish the planet. Factory farms have the U.S. food production…show more content…
I believe the most popular reason for resisting products from factory farms is definitely the inhumane cruelty to animals. Crystal Lombardo a chief editor for the National Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention says in her article on factory farming that “The animals that go are processed through factory farms do not live a normal life. They are often pinned and incapable of moving, in pain, fattened up, shot full of hormones and medicine, and sometimes forced to eat.” (L, Crysral. "Pros and Cons of Factory Farming." N.p., 11 Mar. 2015. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.) Animals getting treated with brutal procedures like this is what makes factory farms successful and people who are not ignorant to the factory farming industry realize the issue and they trey and make a change. One of the more personal reasons I do not support factory farming is the fact that it has such a huge negative impact on the environment. The Green Garage says “Because of extreme overcrowding conditions, the land that surrounds factory farms could not handle the large amount of waste produced by animals.” ("List of Top 19 Factory Farming Pros and Cons." Green Garage. N.p., 05 Aug. 2015. Web. 29 Apr. 2016.) This can contribute to land, air and water pollution in the surrounding areas.” The land it takes to factory farms is extremely valuable and once a farm has been put on it we can never get that land back. Animals on factory farms create methane with causes global warming ,which impacts everything in a bad

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