Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

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A Dignified Death is the theme of an association of Canadian citizens committed to ensuring that the wishes of those suffering from terminal illnesses are both respected and protected. We believe that the rights and personal dignity of terminally ill patients are extremely important. The time has come for their voices to be heard. Our membership is composed of over 50,000 Canadian citizens and reflects a cross section of Canadian society. We reside in each province and territory and represent every race, gender, religion and socio-economic group. The pain and suffering of terminal illnesses do not discriminate and know no barriers. There is no doubt that euthanasia and assisted suicide present a very complex and difficult topic. Often,…show more content…
Simply put, the very best protection available is stringent medical regulation and restrictions, not criminalization. The choice of whether to die or not die should be with the terminally ill person. • Shows compassion to people who are suffering from a terminal illness with no chance of recovery. • As a result of pain, there is no quality of life. Legalization would eliminate unnecessary pain and suffering. • In reality, nurses and doctors (as well as loved ones) carry out assisted suicide quietly every day. Decriminalization would eliminate the need for this. • Failed suicide attempts are not uncommon. They often result in major physical and psychological injury. This only adds to the heightened feeling of anxiety and indignity the person is already feeling. • There is a shortage of palliative care doctors in this country, which does not help the situation. • Reduces or eliminates the panic of losing control when…show more content…
Degenerative diseases are not included. Japan Specific conditions exist for both active euthanasia (death imminent, extreme pain, patient provides consent) and passive euthanasia (incurable disease, withholding treatment). Luxembourg Terminally ill patients can choose to end their lives, subject to approval by two physicians and a panel of experts. Netherlands Netherlands permits: 1. Euthanasia (a physician administers a lethal injection to the patient). 2. Physician-assisted suicide (a physician prescribes a lethal dose of drugs, which can then be self-administered by the patient). 3. Newborns are also included (with parental consent and four conditions having been met). Switzerland Lethal drugs may be prescribed to residents of Switzerland or a foreign citizen. The person self-administers the drugs. United States - Montana - New Mexico - Oregon - Vermont - Washington These five U.S. states allow physician aid in dying (PAD). This means that the medication is available to terminally ill patients. It is up to the patients to choose if and when they wish to self-administer the
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