Pros And Cons Of Designer Babies

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In 1999, the term “Designer Babies” was coined to describe the possibility of bioengineered babies. The word designer is used to describe the new possibility of using technology to select the traits and qualities of babies. Genetically engineering babies, like designer outfits. After the discovery of DNA in 1953, scientists Cohen and Boyer began to focus on the properties of mitochondrial DNA in the 1970’s (Swedin). Genetically engineered babies are created by using the mitochondrial DNA from two mothers. See, mitochondrial DNA is only passed on through the mother, and is most responsible for genetic diseases, so two mothers allows for the chance for the perfect child. And with technology it is becoming possible to isolate specific DNA to pick specific traits (Gates). It won’t be long before it is possible for parents to choose both physical, and mental traits of their child. But these possibilities have caused controversy from many scientists, doctors, parents, and religious groups. Those that approve of argue the major and main point which is that this technology can prevent several genetic diseases such as Down Syndrome, and Alzheimer 's, and many…show more content…
But in reality it only puts more lives at risk. The main campaign for volunteer women in genetic testing is women who are unable to conceive. But many scientists have failed to make it known that there are very few women that are even eligible candidates to be considered. Women have other options that are safer, and morally just. Women can adopt children who need good homes, or use in vitro fertilization which protects the fetus from genetic interference (Darnovsky). Technology makes it seem that its the only way but these options are another way. These solutions provide a win situation for every party, where everyone can be happy, and

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