Pros And Cons Of Deployment

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There are five branches in the military, the navy, marines, army, air force, and the coast guard. Every single one of them has to deal with deployment, but the marines and army get deployed more often. Deployment is nationwide and they all last a different amount of time. Not only does deployment affect the person leaving, but it also affects family and friends. Since many people get deployed, each one has a different deployment story and how the family did. There are many countries that deploy soldiers; the United States is the most commonly wide deployed. There is 75% of the world covered in deployment, which is roughly around 150 countries. The military ages vary from 17-62 years old, but 60,620,143 males and 59,401,942 females aging form 18-49 are fit for the military (Helping U.S. Military Veterans Reconnect , 2000-2015). When people get deployed they are usually gone between 6-18 months. It really depends on where they get stationed (Kapelski, 2015). The most common place to get deployed is…show more content…
The people who get deployed, has to pass a medical clearance, vision, dental, and hearing. All the clearance needs to be complicated 90 days before deployment. All the results will be sent to Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (, 2016). After all the medical clearances, there is a training process to follow. The training includes command messages, security guidelines, and much more. There is a solider readiness program that everyone joins in ODT with 30 days before deployment. Each person getting deployed will be deployed at the home station (, 2004). You have to go through the PTAE, which stands for Pre-mobilization Training and Assistance Elements, when that is completed then they head to a camp for mobilization. Once that has been completed they go to there assigned mission (Cashion, 2014). On medication you have to get a waiver from sent
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