Pros And Cons Of DYFS

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Is DYFS always capable of changing children’s lives or can they put them into more danger? Although DYFS is in place to help children and families, some agency workers cause more harm than good. DYFS has cooperated with many children and families but their worker’s aren’t showing trustworthiness. DYFS stands for Division of Youth and Family Services, it is New Jersey's child protection and child welfare agency within the Department of Children and Families. The purpose of this service is to ensure the safety, permanency and well-being of children and to support families. DYFS has helped many families in New Jersey, when it came to drug abuse or domestic violence as well but in some cases these children weren’t safe at all. However, some workers failed to provide early services that could have kept the kids safe and at home. People reach out to others for help and when they do call, that person is to take responsibility in their hand to accomplish the goal of supporting the family with a better environment. Some of the workers help is not always conducive. DYFS can put family and children into more danger, because of their lack of effort and consideration. Providing early services can avoid many things that they go through. DYFS is rare to put children in more danger because their job is to protect them and lead them into a better path however, it does happen. There was a case about a mother who lost her children’s custody because of DYFS and after the child was taken away and placed elsewhere, the child went through various abuse such as getting beaten, molested and rapped. The child was sexually abuse a couple of time and the agent who was responsible for the child failed to let the parent neither the department know. The chil... ... middle of paper ... ...are struggling in. They should also keep reports and do some research before placing children in different homes. Failing to follow the service policy can put a child into a lot of danger because you can’t give a child to a person who isn’t supportive at all. Their job is to protect and support families with the issues that they are facing in their everyday lives. Not every service is capable of doing what they supposed to do. The lives of these children and families be can be taken for granted by those who don’t take their jobs seriously. If DYFS had more people who dedicated their time on their job, many situation could have been avoided. You wouldn’t want to be the reason why a child lost their life or placed in a home where the environment is worse than where they were before. DYFS can be capable of helping others, but it could also put others in danger.
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