Pros And Cons Of Corruption In Government

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A country’s government is supposed to be something that makes its citizens feel safe that they will always try and make the right decision for their country. However, corruption within the government can make the citizens feel unsafe and uncertain is the right politicians are in office. Corruption happens everywhere, and in every form of government, and is hard to believe because they are the ones that put these laws into place, and are now breaking them. Government corruption can generally be defined as a misuse of public power for private gain. Grand, Petty, and Political are all different forms of corruption within a government. Grand corruption occurs at the highest level of power within a government and helps a few while hurting the country’s citizens. Although this happens at the highest level of a government, and it seems as though it should be something that is noticed easily, grand corruption regularly goes unnoticed and unpunished. Petty corruption occurs in…show more content…
The problem at the border is due to the amount of time and paper-work customs officials have too due to have goods clear when importing and exporting. Instead of the businesses offering the bribes to the officials, the officials asking the businesses to give them a bribe, so that they do not have to do the work it takes to pass goods. Having no corruption in country is virtually impossible in the world we live in, however the amount of corruption in Turkey is far too much than what there should be. Most of the time that bribes are offered is to speed up the time it takes to finish a procedure, like at the border. The corruption in Turkey isn’t just coming from the businesses and citizens, instead government officials are asking them to offer a bribe so that their job is quicker and

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