Pros And Cons Of Comprehensive Sex Education

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It is very crucial to enforce comprehensive sex education rather than an abstinence-only program to be taught beginning in middle school for kids ages 11-18. When sex education is disregarded and rejected, problems may occur. "Sexuality is part of who we are as human beings. If you demonize it when you 're young, it becomes much harder when you get older." (Shah) Kids and teens acquire information, if not provided with some, about sex from friends, the Internet and more but, the information they are learning may not be correct. When, if ever, should kids learn about sex? Middle school children are at the age where they first begin puberty. If the effects of puberty are not taught at home or at school, this could be an embarrassing time in any…show more content…
An opposing view my think that teaching the kids about sex will only lead to them actually having sex. This statement is completely inaccurate. “The overwhelming weight of evidence shows that sex education programs that discuss contraception do not increase teen sexual activity.” (Curran) Although, ideally, comprehensive sex education is expected to begin at kindergarten, it usually begins in sixth grade because parents do not want their child to learn about sex too soon. “A "just-the-facts" approach that includes contraceptive education is certainly preferable to "just say no,"” (Hess) The favorable approach is the comprehensive program. Sex education is fundamental because it also teaches kids and teens about sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to teach these lessons because it can help save a life. Teaching an abstinence-only course is not helpful because it does not discuss major issues like this. It does not help kids to only learn that sex is wrong. It is helpful to teach them that…show more content…
Comprehensive programs teach about the importance of abstinence, but unlike the conservative program, it also teaches the importance of contraceptives to practice safe sex. (Malone) There is no way to completely stop teenagers from sex because it is always out there and it is inevitable. It is better to teach kids and teens how to be safe if they are in a situation. The only problem with these programs is they are not highly
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