Pros And Cons Of Cohabitation Before Marriage

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Cohabitating before Marriage The Pros and Cons Cohabitating is a common idea anymore, the times have changed drastically since the 1950s. In my opinion, I think cohabitating is healthy for a relationship, it can provide insight on what it will be like to be married to your partner and if their living style is anywhere close to yours. It is all considered a big test before the step of marriage. I, myself, currently am living with my boyfriend of two years. We are getting along fine, but we do have our differences. I am a clean freak and he is the type of person that lays something down and can forget about it and not put it where it actually belongs. This results in a disorganized, messy home, which I am not very fond of. I end up cleaning…show more content…
This journal’s study could be correct, but also may be changing as time goes on. Another journal I researched, says that cohabitation is associated with increased risk for marital distress and divorce. They consider this the “cohabitation effect.” Not very many studies actually focus on this experience and the way it is linked with risk. More and more couples are cohabiting these days and the research is starting to prosper within the last twenty years. In the United States, Teachman’s study in 2003 resulted that cohabiters had a higher divorce rate between 1.29 and 1.86 that of women who did not live together before marriage. Cohabitation is a touchy topic for many people because of their religious views, opinions, and even past experiences. It can be a sensitive topic due to personal belief systems. This journal suggests that people who choose to cohabitate are the same type of people who are more prone to divorce. Living with a partner before marriage, then doesn’t really change their propensity toward divorce, but does serve as a marker for divorce. In many cases, there is a selection of variables like: prior…show more content…
People think divorce is always an option so it’s what they choose to do. A lot of couples do not focus on their relationship and get help, they would rather split and go their separate ways. This subject has widen my opinions on cohabitating and I believe it isn’t for everyone. Different people have different ways of living and it can be challenging living with another person. I, however, am a person that accepts change and looks at the positive things. I work on relationships until there is no hope. When I get married and discover troubles in the marriage, I would do my best to work on our relationship. Divorce is something I don’t want to go through, it is a difficult process and can indefinitely ruin the relationship. All in all, I will keep this research in the back of my mind. It is a very interesting topic to study about and everyone should be informed about it. It can be troubling when a person is not aware that cohabitating before marriage can ruin the relationship or later marriage. I hope that this research has been an eye-opener for the reader as well. I hope that in my future, I do not become the negative statistic of premarital cohabitation. It is not something I see in my future ahead of me, but anything can happen. In today’s society, cohabitation is a common thing for couples and maybe the statistics will change with time. The negative impacts will hopefully in turn disappear and nothing but good will come out of

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