Pros And Cons Of Cigarette Advertising Should Be Banned

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Some believe that companies should have the right to advertise their products, even if they 've proven to be harmful for the consumer. When it comes to a product like cigarettes, there have been many studies about the toxic effects it can have on the user over a long period of time therefore banning advertising for such a product doesn 't seem unreasonable. In 2001, the Indian government proposed a bill that would ban tobacco advertising from sporting and cultural events, with the intention to lessen the appeal to the younger audience. This bill was met with much resistance from the Indian Tobacco Company because less advertising meant less tobacco sales which would hurt the industries bottom line. Also, this showed the government was making an ethical decision and putting the health of it 's people first, because it financially benefitted from taxation on the sale of cigarettes.

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First of all, it is not uncommon for countries to ban things that are harmful to it 's citizens, most recreational drugs are banned around the world. Then if you look at potentially dangerous products like weapons or pharmaceuticals, the advertising for them has been very restricted or banned as well and purchasing them usually comes with a heavy government control. In places like Belgium and France, it had been ruled not unconstitutional to ban advertising of cigarettes because this was a move to protect public health. This was definitely a big step in making this a possibility in other countries. Also, there was a study done that showed over a 10 year period of banned advertising on cigarettes how consumption dropped compared to the less significant decrease in countries that had no ban in place. This was evidence that by putting a ban in place, there was a direct correlation to how that affects
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