Pros And Cons Of Breastfeeding

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Pregnancy is a miraculous process in which a mother carries her baby for nine months while maintaining a healthy diet. Though, this is just the start of the journey between the mother and her baby. Once the baby is born, the next step is to decide whether to bottle or breastfeed. This is sometimes a controversial topic. If you ask any dietitian or health organization, whether a new mother should breastfeed or bottle feed, the answer is likely breastfeeding. If it seems like an obvious question then why is there an option for formula feeding that also results in a healthy baby? Although both are beneficial, we will explore the pros and cons of both breastfeeding and formula feeding. Typically breastfeeding is the most beneficial and rewarding…show more content…
Oftentimes mothers are exhausted through the nine-month process and especially after giving birth. Breastfeeding a newborn requires spending 24/7 with your baby where the mother may breastfeed up to “8-12 times a day” (Mahan and Raymond, pg. 287). “An infant’s feeding schedule will include 2-3 hours at a time until they reach four months of age where they then only require feedings every four hours” (Mahan and Raymond , pg. 307). This is a very time consuming task, and can be problematic if the mother is not providing herself with the energy and nutrients she and her baby need through food. Many new mothers have jobs to go back to, and may have anywhere from two weeks to six weeks of maternity leave depending on their employer. This can be a big factor if the mother is single or she is the parent with the primary income. With Breastfeeding, there are risks of developing complications. According to Mahan and Raymond, “lactation hypoglycemia is of major concern in a mother who is a diabetic because the glucose level decrease significantly due to providing the newborn with the nutrients from the mother’s breastmilk” (Mahan and Raymond, pg.287). This is of great concern if the newborn is ill or premature. Premature and babies that are ill struggle to survive, and do not need any more possibilities of complications to their overall health. Eating a healthy diet continuously can be hard, especially after having to follow a strict pregnancy diet. With breastfeeding, it is crucial that mothers continue to follow the healthy diet to not cause any complications through the breast milk consumed by the infant. This can pose as a big challenge for moms that love their fast food, pizza, and frozen convenience
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