Pros And Cons Of Breastfeeding

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“Breastfeeding is believed to be the most beneficial method of feeding for the health and well-being of most infants (Weimer, 2001)”. Breastfeeding enhances cognitive development, improves the infant’s general health, growth and development and protects against many acute or chronic and allergic diseases. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), babies who breastfed exclusively for six months or longer lowers their risk of developing ear infections, respiratory illnesses, dermatitis, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and infant-death-syndrome' class='brand-secondary'>sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) (CDC, 2011) . AAP issued a policy statement recommending that infants be breastfed exclusively throughout their first year of life (Weimer, 2001).
According to (2011):
Breastfeeding benefits the society. The nation benefits overall when mothers breastfeed. Recent research shows that if 90 percent of families breastfed exclusively for six months, nearly one thousand deaths among infants could be prevented. The United States would also save $13 billion per year; medical costs a...
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