Pros And Cons Of Bottled Water

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Aside from blatant wastefulness, the bottled water industry also contributes to climate change, pollution, and the violation of human rights on a global scale.
Every ton of PET made for bottled water produces around three tons of carbon dioxide. In 2006, bottled water created over 2.5 million tons of CO2 emissions in the United States (Pacific Institute 2006). That number does not include the CO2 emissions that are involved with the transportation of water' class='brand-secondary'>bottled water, nor does it take into account the increase of consumption that has happened within the past ten years. Bottled water industries try to negate this cost by claiming that their damage is reversible through recycling (TCCC), but that is simply not realistic considering that only a third of water bottles are recycled. Additionally, there are even some recycling plants in the United States that no longer accept plastic bottles because to recycle it uses more energy and doubles the amount of pollution it took to produce in the first place. (Pacific Institute 2006). To make matters worse, the PET that is not recycled either ends up in landfills, get incinerated, or becomes litter, and none of those scenarios produce positive results.
When plastic bottles are left in landfills, they do not break down
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Why is it annually increasing in sales despite its grave impact? Is it that people just have zero regard for the planet and those that inhabit it? Are environmentalist just being paranoid? The short answer: it’s complicated. The long answer? Well, that requires an in-depth analyzation of greenwashing, minority targeted advertising, corporate social responsibility, local and state government, cultural relativism, mass public misinformation, the bottled water lobby, privatization, globalization, etc. But for the sake of trying to address the main theme of this project, I only am going to briefly analyze greenwashing and minority targeted

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