Pros And Cons Of Biological Theory

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The biological theory is based upon a myriad of scientific research and countless observations from different scientists across various time periods. The biological theory focuses on how genetics play a role in how personality develops from birth to adulthood. There are a plethora of views the biological theory has on how personality develops and one of them starts with how we are born. Based on the biological theory, humans are born with a temperament and that temperament can be genetically passed down from generation to generation. According to Lambertini, Chen, and Nomura (2015), the maternal psychological stress in pregnancy or MPSP plays a role in what that baby’s temperament will be like when they are born. What they discovered in their…show more content…
The pros of this theory are that there is tons of research backing up these claims and the emphasis on the genetics behind personality can not only aid in predicting future behaviors but can also predict future health problems. According to Vedhara et al. (2015), they discovered that extraversion was connected to an increased expression of a pro-inflammatory gene (CTRA gene) and conscientiousness was linked to a reduced expression of the same pro-inflammatory gene. Whether the expression is increased or reduced, if the gene is not balanced the individual could either have an overactive immune system or an immunocompromised immune system. This study illustrates how the biological theory can aid people in possibly predicting their future health problems just by determining what kind of personality traits they possess which is an appealing advantage. Even though this theory has pros, every theory has its limitations. The cons of this theory are that biology can’t explain all the aspects of human personality and the theory puts a cap at a certain age on further human growth. Sheldon, Sheldon, Nichols (2007) criticized, how the biological theory indeed describes personality and behavior, but the theory cannot properly explain personality and behavior. Also, they…show more content…
It can genetically pinpoint where an individual's temperament comes from and tell a person how our personality is developed based on our genetics. The theory can also possibly predict future health problems a person may have just by looking at what kinds of personality traits someone has can also improve the mental health of those that have mental illnesses that deal with chemical imbalances such as Schizophrenia. However, all theories have their pros and cons. While these pros do exist, its main limitation is that it can't explain all human behavior especially behavior that is influenced by our surrounding environment. These flaws exist, but it doesn't cover the fact that the biological theory helps improve the lives of thousands each
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