Pros And Cons Of Being A Single Parent

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Whether co parenting or working as a single parent all children need is love, family, mentors and role models to succeed. "I will never forget the day my mother taught me the importance of not wasting time. I was in my freshman year of college and had walked away from a scholarship because I just felt something else was out there for me. You see, I wanted to play professional football. But, because I had not peeked athletically in high school, the big Division 1 schools passed me by." A lady can raise a child by herself and even if she is a hard working woman who hasnt reached where she wants to be in life the role models that her child will have throughout life will help her child become the best that he or she can be. If the mother is doing all she can to contribute to her childs success and the role models around the child are doing all that they can to help raise successful child then the the child will have enough guidance and love to successfully excel.

Single fathers are not viewed in the same lime light as single mother figures. Single fathers are viewed as having to deal with not only taking on the task of supportng their families and having to still go out and be the bread winners for their families. The negative connation of still being a single parent is not placed on single fathers.Researchers made it clear in their resaexh that single fathers are hard to come across but when you do they prove the stereotypes wrong of a "dead beat" single parent.

Single fathers do not get the critiscm that black single mothers do, instead they are praised for what they do and how they do it. In Dr. Coles research she interviewed a father and he said, "It's about being there, not just being present, but emotional...

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...ives support to the primary caregiver (see, for example, Bronfenbrenner, 1986). Joint parent housing is seen as the ideal way to live. It is seen as the way life should be. A household that has two parents is viewed as the Ideal household because of the factors that come with iit. A two parent household has a mother figure and a father figure that can give their children guidance and love. The mother can teach her daughter how to be a lady and teach her son what to look for in a mn. The father can teach his son how to be a man and teach his daughter waht to look for in a man. In a two parent household the child will be able to learn how to become a strong individual just like the children that are raised by one parent. One of the bonuses that children get to experience is they get to see how their parents love each other and they get to see how to love others.
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