Pros And Cons Of Affordable Care

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The Affordable Care Act and Hospitals
Although many people disagree with making insurance affordable to everyone, the affordable Care Act has pros and cons on hospitals. The impact that The Affordable Care Act has benefits not only the poor but the American population as a whole. No one wants to live in a country full of sick people that cannot afford to be seen by a doctor.
The Affordable Care Act is also known as ACA or Obamacare is short for Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 as amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation of 2010 (Shi, 2017). The Affordable Care Act put in place comprehensive health insurance reforms that have improved access, affordability, and quality in health care for Americans ( Health
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Insurance companies must submit justification to the states for all rate hikes. Obamacare provides funding to the states for administering this.
3. You may have received a rebate from your insurance company. Obamacare requires that they spend at least 80% of premium payments on medical services, instead of advertising and executive salaries. If they cannot, the money goes back to you ( (Amadeo, 2016).
As I research this topic I have learned so much. I knew nothing about the Affordable Care Act. I just went off of what people said about it. One thing I knew was it was a good change for our country because everyone deserves health care. No one should go without insurance because they cannot afford it. There are so many illness that is spreading and without affordable health care it will not just affect the people that does not have insurance, it will also affect the people that do. Hospitals are very important being that they are quicker to get into no matter the time and day. I actually think the requirements that the hospitals have to follow are important and should have been requirements before the Affordable Care Act started. I believe that the Act better the hospitals. It makes me feel better that the staff will take the extra steps for my love ones and I, so that we will not have to return or become infected from being careless and not taking

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