Pros And Cons Of Advantive Actions In The Classroom

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Advantageous Actions in the Classroom Albert Einstein once said, “If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.” This quote is relevant because students should not behave well only because they are earning an award. The issue in the modern day is that students are not scared of being penalized. Children think it is amusing to get into trouble and the teacher gives children the wanted attention by making it a big deal. Rewards are causing students to be unprepared for their future lives, whether it is for high school or for college. They should not be used in the classroom because there are many depressing controversies. It could end the student’s interest in that certain subject and hinder him or her from trying new things. Also,the chance of that rewarded behavior happening in all of the classrooms is pretty slim. Despite the fact that there are positive effects with awards, the negative effects are more prominent. The attitude of students is the most important element in their lives. It determines what job they will have, if they obtain marriage and have children or not, and what kind of person they will be in the end. It is the most…show more content…
They interfere with the students’ learning process and do not prepare them for the real world. Awards are resulting in uninterested, non-creative, disrespectful students and the consequences only going to get worse in the future. There are other methods to use instead of rewards, such as, encouraging words to let the students know they are doing things the right way. Having good grades is the only award students should be receiving in the classroom; that is the main reason that they are in school. They should be proud of how well they do in school. The real world is a crazy and cruel place, it is not all glitter stickers and pride cards. Individuals must do their best to
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