Pros And Cons Of A Single Parenting Family

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When you think about your family history and how far you can follow your family history back to the first time they arrived in the U.S you would be pretty amazed. When I start back to my family history on both of my parents side I can go as far back as my great-great grandparents on both sides. On my mom side her great grandmother was from a Caribbean island she later came to the U.S. because of my great-great grandfather wanted to live in Mississippi to work there to earn more money. Later my great grandfather and grandmother moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan with my grandfather who was from Michigan. My grandfather parents lived in the south when he was younger. But my grandfather’s great-great grandparents where slaves who were run a ways…show more content…
I feel like my mom was in the hard situation because she is a woman raising a young son all by her self-trying to teach me how to be a man. But also at times it was hard for because I would do little things such as get in fights in school or would do something so crazy. So I know for her as women she couldn’t really understand what I was doing. I feel like she played such a good mother and father that I will pick up some of here parenting styles.Growing up I was raised in a single parenting household with just me and my mom in the house. Being raised in a single parent house there are some pros and cons that come from being raised this way. My mom and dad like I said before never married the reason being is because my dad didn’t want my mom to have me. He told her to get an abortion because he felt like it already coasted him a lot to pay for two kids and then to add a third I guess it seemed to be just too much for him . My mom indeed up having me when I was younger it was very hard. My mom tried to do as much as she can but with no dad in the picture it was even harder. The pro of being raised by a single parent is that you get to spend quality time with that one parent. From time to time when I was younger my dad would pop in an
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