Pros And Cons Of A Fair Trial

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Do you ever think about a fair trial still being possible today despite racial profiling and the media? Everyone has their own views about how they feel something should be done. When it comes to having a fair trial and racial profiling along with the media, I believe that a fair trial is simply not possible. Racial profiling goes on no matter what and the media is always going to be the first to broadcast such news, whether it be social media or the newspaper. The media is there to provoke its audience; giving them information and allowing for their opinion to be heard on what should be done. A fair trial would be impossible with the way things are set up today. Racial profiling may never end, and because of it a fair trial will be hard to accomplish, especially with the media right there to make details public. One of the main reasons why a fair trial cannot be possible is because police officers use race as a factor in stopping people on the streets. To be specific, New York City police officers use race as a factor to stop people on the street and sometimes frisk them. Because of this there was a lawsuit against the city and its police force. “In the suit, the Center for Constitutional Rights alleges a widespread pattern of stops based not on reasonable suspicion of individuals but on racial profiling in the Police Department’s ‘stop, question and frisk’ policy” (Baker 1). Statistics have shown that Black and Hispanic people generally represent more than 85 percent of those stopped by police. The police force are making race-based stops and taking that reason to trial isn’t fair at all. Police officers are violating the 14th amendment by engaging in racial profiling when they stop people on the streets. “The long-awaited de... ... middle of paper ... ... the streets without being stopped and frisked. Just because one person of color did something wrong, does not mean all those of color should be a suspect. Everyone deserves a fair trial. The Police Department and the media need to take that into consideration. When it comes to the media, they should not be able to release any information to the public until the trial is over. And for the police department, when making stops they should have more than just a general description of the suspect. The police force needs to stop basing how they act towards a certain race just because, for example, two black males committed a crime in Brooklyn so all black males in that borough are subject to heightened police attention. A fair trail can’t be possible today despite racial profiling and the media because no matter what there is always going to be racism and media bias.
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