Pros And Cons: Is Animal Testing Right Or Wrong?

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Opinions are a dime a dozen and everyone has one when it comes to the century old issue of animal testing. These tests are used throughout the world for various experiments on animals. Is animal testing right or wrong? There are several pros and cons of animal testing and I will review both sides of this issue. The testing of animals can benefit the human society because the researchers come up with cures for humans from the animal tests. The researchers utilize a variety of methods to do these tests. On the other hand, some animals are being mistreated and are suffering from these tests. The animals are being subjected to pointless tests and they are demeaning to them. Animal testing is a controversial issue with many pros that enhance our…show more content…
These animals were in terrible conditions and the city should not be proud of it. Within a couple of days these dogs disappeared from the pound unexpectedly and were loaded onto a Santa Fe railroad heading into Texas (Weber 2). It makes one think, if these animals were stolen for research. Heather Dunnuck’s article, “Save The Animals: Stop Animal Testing” describes what these animals have to endure throughout their life. “The American Veterinary Medical Association” defines pain as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience perceived as arising from a specific region of the body and associated with actual or potential tissue damage” (Dunnuck 1). This means the animals are feeling it and are suffering from it. Animals can feel pain just as humans can feel pain. When these animals are used for toxicity or chemical tests it is a painful and deadly test for the animal (Dunnuck 1). Some of the tests the researchers use are the LD50 and the Draize test. In the Draize test the researchers put a substance in the animal’s eyes to check for irritation or other signs of discomfort. This test is very painful for the animal and the end…show more content…
Katrina Fox’s article, “The Human Cost of Animal Experiments” talks about how some of these tests are not always correct or accurate. About two million Americans become ill from drugs and these drugs were deemed good to release to the public. Out of those two million people, one hundred thousand people die from these drugs being released. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved two-hundred nine new drugs from 1976 to 1985 and those drugs caused severe side-effects. Some of these side effects were heart attacks, kidney failure, liver failure, and stroke (Fox 1). Drugs do fail and some of the tests can be harmful or even fatal to humans. This is what a textbook on animal experimentation states, “Uncritical reliance on the results of animal tests can be dangerously misleading and has cost the health and lives of tens of thousands of humans” (Fox 2). This states even medical professionals do not even believe in animal testing and it has cost humans a lot of lives. In the next section, questionable accuracy of toxicity tests is discussed. The inaccuracy of toxicity tests is the main reason why the drugs cause adverse reactions. For example, the LD50 Draize test is when animals are fed harmful chemicals and half of them are killed (Fox 3). This test can be very unreliable because the different variables such as the weight, age, and gender of the animals. This test can make the results inaccurate for the

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