Proposed Solutions to Extreme Cases of Animal Abuse

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Problem Statement
Each year, the most extreme cases of animal abuse receive media attention. Yet, the animal cruelty problem is more widespread than is reported in the media. Animal abuse and neglect is a nationwide issue, affecting thousands of animals nationwide. Cruelty to animals is defined as the infliction of physical pain, suffering or death on an animal, beyond what is necessary. There is a need to stop abusers from acting in such a horrific manner–preventing the neglect and suffering of the animals. What causes animal abusers to act in such a cruel way towards animals? How are cases of animal abuse being managed, and how should cases be handled? Finally, does the status of animals in society contribute to the rate of their abuse? This paper seeks to answer these questions and give possible solutions to end the malicious practice of animal abuse.
There are several theories on how violence towards animals begins. One theory is that there is a pre-established mental state of abusers which allows them to accept abuse, and at times even enjoy harming animals. The ready acceptance and enjoyment of cruelty means many everyday emotions can trigger animal cruelty. This occurs when a person feels an extreme emotion, like anger. Unable to express this feeling, an abuser will find a more convenient target—a defenseless animal—and take his frustrations out on it. For example, in Sara Gruen’s novel, Water for Elephants, the circus’s animal supervisor, August, discovers that he is in trouble. August is being blamed as a consequence of the actions of the circus’s elephant, Rosie. As Gruen writes, August feels the need to release this anger, and, “[…] distraught listeners could still make out the hollow thud of bull hook hitting fl...

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...ue to volunteer at this shelter, and will attempt to raise awareness in our community of the importance of Mt Pleasant and similar organizations. By combining all three solutions, we can reduce the occurrence of animal abuse. My solution to end the issue of animal abuse is to use both Siebert’s and the A.S.P.C.A.’s proposed solutions, along with volunteering at animal rescue facilities.
Animal abuse is a nationwide issue due to multiple causes, but also has many proposed solutions. An abuser’s emotional state is an important cause of abuse. There are also external causes, such as a lack of humane law enforcement and an uncertainty for the status of animals in society. However, there are many resolutions being proposed as well—which, would stop the abuse cycle in multiple places. Animal abuse is a serious issue in the United States, with many prospective solutions.
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