Proposal to Open Businesses

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Proposal to Open Businesses

I propose opening a Go-Karting business. This is because I believe

there is a market niche perfect for Go- Karting to fill this gap. This

is because many of the people I have interviewed and many people who

have answered my questionnaires agree that the town of maidenhead is

lacking new exciting activities.,

Therefore they would like a new adrenalin activity to be introduced to

maidenhead. In addition of finding the new found results I demised

another questionnaire on what specific adrenalin rushing activity the

general public would like.

My results came out as the following:


What the Pie chart suggest/shows

This pie chart shows that most of the public that participated in the

questionnaire had a higher demand for Go-Karting the other activity.

This was the main reason why I propose Go-Karting to be opened it


Even though opening Go-Karting is a risk I am willing to be an


The expected costumes?


What the Pie chart suggest/shows

This pie chart shows that many of the young -adults to the middle age

adults thought that introducing Go-Karting to Maidenhead would be a

good. This is because this is a new activity making it exciting

because of it freshness to production. This will fill the market niche

that is needed to be filled in maidenhead.

The pie chart also suggests that many elderly adults do not agree that

Go-Karting should be introduced to Maidenhead this is because they do

not like the sound of change in Maidenhead. They also suggested to me,

it will increase the amount of noise pollution around the area where

the Go-Karting circuit will be introduced.

The pie chart also proposes that many young teenagers do not mind

whether or not Go-Karting should be introduced to maidenhead. They

suggested to me they're not that interested whether or not Go- Karting

should be introduced to Maidenhead because they believe there are

enough activities to do whether or not Go-Karting is introduced.
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