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The present study examined the connection between video games and aggressive behavior. This study, in which repeated observations of the same variable over a high school period of time occurred, with the participation of 300 9th grade students (150 male, 150 female) from Washington Irving High School. Students were, randomly selected; to participate in the study for their time spent in high school, from 9th through 12th grade, and will be asked to keep a log of the hours spent playing violent video games and their mood before and after playing. Researchers will visit the participants’ school once every four months and have them fill out a questionnaire to see how students reacted to situations that occurred in school (e.g. # of fights). A positive correlation between the hours spent playing video games and aggressive behavior in adolescents is expected to be found. Introduction Adolescents are mainly studied in regards to how they are directly influenced by the media. This paper will solely focus on the direct affects violent video games can have on adolescents (ages 15-18) and how playing these games can alter their behavior making them more aggressive. There have been numerous studies conducted that investigate how video games induce violent behavior in people who play for hours. Many researchers who looked at this topic wanted to find out if violent behavior is truly influenced by video games. Although each study has a different approach when dealing with the importance of this research the role those video games play on behavior is viewed as an important factor. The de Castro, Polman & van Aken study (2008) wanted to test the different effects of “actively playing” vs. “passively watching” the same violent video game on s... ... middle of paper ... ...laying violent video games. We are measuring the effect of time spent playing video games and how so much exposure to violence increases aggressive behavior in adolescents. We will conduct an observational study over the span of four years, which will investigate the correlation between video games and aggression. The sample of 150 males and 150 females will be asked to fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of the study, starting in the 9th grade, and once every four months until they are in the 12th grade. When filling out the questionnaire the student will be given 10 minutes to complete the survey and will be put in alone in a classroom, provided by the school, to avoid conflict with other participants involved in the study. As a reward for taking part in the study, the participants will receive $10 every four months (each time they fill out a questionnaire).

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