Proper Waste Management in Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidadians do nothing but complain. We love having flies, roaches and mosquitoes in our homes. Rodents can almost be considered family. The average Trinbagonian will blame the government for everything instead of trying to fix ‘me’ first or trying to recycle. Why? ; because society creates its own common health problems by illegally dumping garbage, when various landfills are available for proper waste disposal.

Time has evolved and so too has the standard of sanitary conditions globally. We however, in Trinidad and Tobago have not. We litter our beaches almost every weekend by leaving trash behind. We insist that the program me CEPEP will have something to do, and clean up after us. Some are even more ‘cautious’ and walk with garbage bags but to no avail. Often at times before the sanitary workers arrive stray dogs destroy these and the entire place remains polluted. The garbage is blown into the sea and all over the land. This remains in hard to reach places and creates breading grounds for our loveable pests. Trinidad is probably the only place in the world where persons still fling trash out of a passing car windows.

One of the most efficient services we have which is provided for free is waste management.

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