Proper Training for Teachers to Handle Students from Divorced Homes

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The U.S. Department of Commerce shows that 4,496,000 people both male and female got married in 2009. Now while these people were getting married 2,319,000 married couples got divorced (U.S. Census Bureau fig. 132). That makes our divorce rate in the United States 51.5 percent. Within those couples going through divorce, Beverly Willet, a lawyer and writer for the New York Times declares that one million children will be affected annually. Huge numbers like this show that it is necessary for those who are around these children a majority of the time know the effects that can and do occur to their development.
Considering the amount of time students spend in school, teachers are around these children as much if not more than their own parents. These teachers must be trained to know how to deal with the aspect of divorce as it relates to the actions that happen in their classrooms. The majority of the issues surrounding children from broken homes involve school in one way or another, like the high school drop out rate being three times higher than students from a nuclear family according to Zimilies & Lee 1991 (qtd. in “The Effects on Academics of Children Who Come from Divorced Families”). So in fore thought all teachers should be required to take extra courses in college, such as additional psychology and developmental classes to have better credentials to work with children from broken homes in order to give every child the tools and skills they need to succeed better in all areas of life.
There once was a time when divorce was unheard of. According to the first legal record of a divorce in the America’s was on January 5th, 1643 between Anne and Denis Clarke. Anne had to ask the c...

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