Propaganda Used During War

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Propaganda Used During War

Propaganda was used to mobilise the minds of the nations towards war;

Propaganda can be explained as telling lies to make people believe a

certain thing. But the meaning is much broader then that, it can be a

complete lie, but it can be the half-truth, or it could be the truth

exaggerated. In basic terms it is making people believe something that

they are not entirely told the truth about.

Propaganda was used in 3 main types of ways in the First World War. It

was used to keep up morale, this is when the truth maybe tampered with

to make it seem Britain are being successful in this war, and to make

it seem like they are winning. It was also used to create hatred and

suspicion towards the enemy; they would do this by lying or

exaggerating the truth to make the enemy seem brutal and vicious.

Propaganda would also be used to help support the war. As well as

recruitment for the army, they also needed recruitment for the war

industries (factories, mines etc.) Also they need to conserve

resources, by this i mean to ration things and conserve resources etc.

water ,food ,coal. Propaganda would be used to make the people who

weren't fighting to feel guilty, so they would work in the war

industries to try and help out. Propaganda would also be used to stop

drug and sex abuse because they were believed to have a negative

affect on the war effort. Also the government would make it seem there

were German spies, so everyone would tighten national security.

Propaganda was tied in with religion, if it seems that the church is

backing the war, then everyone would think that God backs this war,

then a lot of people wil...

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So in Conclusion I think that Propaganda was successful because a lot

of people viewed of the films, 9 million viewed 'For the empire' and

the readers of the papers increased by almost half. Also, the

patriotic weekly journal 'John Bull' was selling 2 million copies

during 1918, this must have meant that the citizens were taking down

what the government wanted them to swallow. Another reason why it was

successful was because the government didn't have to resort to any

extreme propaganda, because some people were choosing to support the

war at their own accord, and forming patriotic groups to support the

war. As well as the Government succeeding in propaganda, the

department of Information was also successful because they created a

lot of anti-German views and thoughts, and keeping the horrors of the

war discreet.
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