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Propaganda is used in every form of mass media, it effects what one does in one's day to day life, and also causes one to act against their ideas and morals. Propaganda is information that has been fed through a biased filter, and is then used to promote a specific idea or ideology. Mass media is everything that goes on the internet, television, radio, and that is in newspapers and magazines. Propaganda is used-and misused-to influence the way people see the world and their society.
There are seven types of propaganda including, bandwagon, loaded words, testimonial, transfer, repetition, name-calling, and fear. These propaganda techniques are used in everything from commercials to newspapers. For example, brands like Nike or Adidas use endorsements from professional athletes to sell their products. Goldfish uses the appeal to emotions and transfer, because they imprint every little cracker with a little smile, which makes one think eating them will make you happy. Bandwagon persuades people to buy or do something by informing them that other people are doing the same thing. Loaded words is the use of specific words that will make people feel a certain way about something; words such as “hate” or “love." Testimonial is the use of images of a famous person or an expert that approves of the product to persuade the audience. Transfer is the use of certain images to bring up feelings to persuade; this works because one transfers the happy feelings one connects with a picture to one's feelings toward the product. Repetition is the use of a repeated saying or picture. Name-calling links an idea or product to a negative symbol. This works because if people believe the competition is bad, one can assume that this product will be the b...

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...d Montag in his escape from the city out into the wilderness.
In conclusion, this lesson has taught students that they should use knowledge to inform themselves on what is in commercials and labels and how to further better themselves in today’s society. Knowing how to read the fine print will help them have a deeper understanding on what is going on in one’s life. For example, people should know how to dissect and interpret the information on a nutritional label. A food item could be advertised as a healthy and organic food option, but after looking at the food label, could reveal a totally different story. Situations like this happen all of the time throughout propaganda an date mass media. The job as students is to be able to anatomize the world around, and make informed and intelligent decisions based on what one has learned, and what is best for them selves.

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