Propaganda In Common Sense Paine

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In the late 18th century freedom and independence were on the minds of every European that lived in America. These European Americans were divided into two groups with one group aspiring to establish America as its own sovereign nation and the other attempting to keep America under British rule. The decision needed to be made on whether Americans were going to fight for their independence or trudge through life under British rule. This will be a decision that will have effects on the world for its entirety, and because of the magnanimity of the situation there were massive amounts of propaganda being circulated. This propaganda primarily consisted of people attempting to urge others to revolt against British tyranny in order to establish America…show more content…
Paine attempts to show how America is far greater than any one man. For example, Paine states, “Tis not the affair of a city, a county, a province, or a kingdom; but of a continent-of at least one eighth part of the habitable globe” (642). This showcases that Paine does not feel as if America is a fledgling nation by any means. He believes America is one of the major continents on the Earth. This statement is also way for Paine to show the reader how they are not fighting for a small piece of land, but that they are fighting for a continent to establish a new nation on. He utilizes this as a way to illustrate how the significance of this revolution is gigantic and will not just have effects on the colonists presently living in America, but that it will effect the world as a whole till the end of time. Once again, Paine is able to show that this revolution is not just a mindless overthrow of the present government, but it is a significant way to altar the lives of the colonists’ descendants in an extremely amazing
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