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The United States economy is rapidly growing since 2010. According to Bloomberg Business News, employments’ rate has risen recently. However, well-paid jobs require some minimum college degree as a credential. As a result, many students continue to pursue higher education. Going to colleges become a popular trend in a modern world. Although many people go to college for various purposes; but in my view, their purposes of going to college are a way to get out of the poverty line and to gain advantages in the workforce.
First, the purpose of going to college is a way to get out the poverty line. The United States population is made up of different ethnic groups. Most families are in poverty line and lacking in education. They have high expectations of their children. The pressure of becoming an educated person is obvious; it is a mandatory that they must have a higher education degree to have a better life. “A college degree has always been perceived as a ticket to a better life, but never before has it been perceived as a ticket to a better career” (Zachary 2). In his book “ What college for? “, Zachary interviewed hundreds of students from many top universities and discovered numerous student’s purposes. Students see the college degree as a slip of paper helps them get a better job. “ Professors believe that a college diploma represents the culmination of an education. Students, however, increasingly see the diploma as a credential that will lead to a better job” (6). Not only education is a way out of poverty, but education is a gateway to wealth accumulation.
Another purpose of going to college is to gain edges and advantages in a very competing workforce. A student with an associate or higher education degree is likely to be ...

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...focus their time and efforts into the class. So there is no room for a personal-growth or self-development. Going to college is a one lifetime investment opportunity. For example, my friends think going to college is a chance to party and meeting new people. They lose their focus of their goal while study in the college because of the original thinking. Some of those failed and realized it was a waste of time.
A college education is a basic foundation for everybody. It indicates a person has got what it takes to finish the path which that person has chosen. If we have a job in mind that requires a college degree, we can get that college education. Other than that, colleges expose us to a variety of new ideas and challenges our traditional way of thinking and takes us to a brighter future. A college degree also can help one steer their life into the right direction.
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