Project methodology

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Introduction In contemporary business and science a project is defined as a collaborative enterprise, involving research or design that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. When we decide to implement a project, or for that matter, when we decide to do anything in life, whether it is going somewhere, doing something, building something or achieving something, we need to ask ourselves a number of different questions in order to carry out what we are hoping to do, some of these questions may include; What are we trying to do? When will we start? What do we need? Can we do it alone, or do we need help? How long will it take? How much will it cost? These are the usual questions asked at the start of any project, and the answers are the building blocks of project management - defining what we want to do and working out the best way we can do it. When carrying out a project it is important for the project manager to decide on a method of undertaking the project. There are a large number of different methods that can be adopted, these are called project methodologies, they can be used to assist in the success of a project, the chosen methodology will determine how the project is initiated and also executed until completion. Methodologies Depending on the type and scale of project in hand, different methodologies will be more efficient to use than others, no methodology can fit one purpose so it is important to analyze all possible methodologies to ensure the right one is implemented for the project in hand to get the best result. There are a number of methodologies that are worth considering, these will be analyzed and the most appropriate one will be chosen; Agile Management- This methodology relies on empowering your ... ... middle of paper ... ...proving and the methodology can assist in improving these parts greatly in the long run. As PRINCE2 is so flexible these changes can be made as the project is being run, but this can also cause implications as the schedule of the project can over run due to this but PRINCE2 can offer solutions to minimize the impact on the project. PRINCE2 does hold great disadvantages as it is not as flexible as some of the more modern methodologies but this would only be a great concern in project management needs such as software development but not in construction which this project would be concerned. It simply offers an organized method of managing a project, helping to identify who should be involved in the project and what they will be responsible for, and provides a clear set of processes that the project should follow in order for it to be successful if followed correctly.
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