Project Safe Neighborhoods

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Due to the high rate of crimes committed throughout big cities by gun violence, it is essential for Law Enforcement to enforce a solution to prevent violent, brutal crimes from occurring. Both Federal and local Law Enforcement must work together to promote a solution for reducing gun violence. Back in Bush’s first term as President it was significant for the Bush administration to create a project to “get the message out there” about deterrence and the increasing number of crimes committed through the use of guns. The Bush administration came up with the project known as the Project Safe Neighborhoods. The goal for Project Safe Neighborhoods is to inhibit criminal behavior by using deterrence and incapacitation. Through deterrence and incapacitation Law Enforcement can provide safe neighborhoods across the country.

Gun violence is a problem that has been growing in many cities across the United States. It is important for Federal and local Law Enforcement agencies to work together to enforce the Project Safe Neighborhoods and other projects similar in cities and communities where the homicide and gun violence rates are crucially high. It is each officer’s duty to make sure we do our duty as Law Enforcement to provide safe neighborhoods and save lives every day. By placing Project Safe Neighborhoods in high crime areas, the project will put in place and enforce new programs and policies for those who have committed gun crimes and are reoccurring felons. Through the use of deterrence it is Law Enforcements objective to prevent individuals from committing illegal acts by showing or telling individuals or felons what will happen to them if they commit whatever illegal act it may be.

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...ugh deterrence and incapacitation. Each project discussed has the same idea of stressing the importance and knowledge of gun violence, especially if one is a reoccurring offender. Through deterrence and incapacitation we as the community and Law Enforcement can work together to prevent and reduce gun crime in every city. With this being said I believe Police Departments in poverty areas should seriously think about creating a program similar to Project Safe Neighborhoods in their own community.

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