Project Management Of The Construction Of A Dam

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The chaos report is importantly focused on mainly on the reasons for failure of the project and the how a successful project might relate to the planning of the project. As an example of why the project planning is considered as an important they mentioned the software project to the construction of a Dam where more planning and strategy is involved than developing a software. And also the reasons involved in the projects failure are not investigated as they do in the latter which is mentioned here as the cause for most of the projects failure. This basically tells us that how thoroughly detailed design and monitoring and controlling of the project should be done as compared to the other phases of the project lifecycle. They mainly focused on the scope, reason, resolution to the project failure and inputs from various people mostly IT managers across all the domains is taken into consideration for this analysis which will be very useful and to know what exactly caused this situation with the involvement of the people who have thorough knowledge. Based on the company revenue they divided into large medium and small scale companies As the scale of the company increases the failure percentage is also increases alarmingly with only 9 % success percentage compared to 16.2% and 28% of medium and small scale respectively which tells us the fact that more projects doesn’t exactly results in more success rate. So whatever may be the size of the company eventually success depends on the proper planning and execution. In the chaos report the projects are classified as success, challenged and impaired based on the on time and on budget completion. Most of the projects which are completed are come under challenged which means only few of the r... ... middle of paper ... ...of success [3]. This is due to the increase in the knowledge of the user about what they really want and clear specification of requirements along with the increase of the skill set of the people in the project [3]. As per the “CHAOS MANISFESTO 2013” software projects are showing the significant improvement in the success percentage whereas the failed project percentage is not significantly decreased [3]. So most of the challenged projects are turning out to be successful which means the ratio of the projects which are actually meeting the requirements are increasing as a good sign of progress[3]. As a conclusion state of software development is not in a critical situation and it is improving significantly as years passed by which is a good sign and as technology advancing day by day to improve the quality of the project we can expect this improvement will be constant

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