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Project management By Stewart Reid In engineering you will frequently encounter project management situations when developing ideas. It is important you know why project management is often useful and what responsibilities you have as a project manager. The responsibilities will also extend to controversial topics such as the environment and ethical and moral principles. In this essay I will describe the role of the project manager and their responsibilities. Details about Project Management An important part of the engineering business is project management. Project management is the use of planning, organising and controlling of assets, processes and people in the service of a goal. This usually involves a project manager and his team members. The project manager has overall responsibility for the project and his team. The primary aim of project management is too achieve the project goals and to optimise the needed inputs and combine them to further the aims of the project. (1) Project managers have a number of responsibilities. The project requirements need to be specified and the number of resources needed need to be decided upon and then ordered. The project goals and the resources used also need to be agreed upon with bosses of the project manager. A final plan needs to be decided upon before going forward with the project. The project manager must lead and motivate the team and ensure relations between team members are good. The team must be informed of all of aims and the processes required. The project manager must manage the progress of the project and ensure costs are kept within budget. The bosses and other people with a stake must be regularly informed of progress. There are many qualities that are sought after when... ... middle of paper ... ...efrain from taking bribes and attempt to prevent team members from accepting bribes. (6) When you are a project manager in an engineering situation you must take into account the environment. Engineering situations often impact the environment. The environmental consequences of your project must be taken into account. Regulations relating to the environment must be met and your team must be made aware of rules relating to the environment. Situations in engineering where the environment can be damaged are common and this should be prevented. There are many laws that regulate what you can do. For example if you were developing a vehicle, there are certain laws that would need to be met. For example numerous hazardous materials that were once used in cars are now banned. (7) It is the project manager’s responsibility that these laws are not broken. Word count = 1,419

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