Project Management Assignment

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Admn 230 Project Management Assignment # 1
Project management body of knowledge:
 Problem solving skills: Problem solving skills is necessary skill for the project manager. For any project or even for small business while you are operating anything you have to encounter with some problems. How well a project manager handles these problems will separate him from others.
 Continuous learning: In this modern era, the world is changing rapidly due to globalization and technological change. He has to be updated with latest technology, so how the project manager deals with these changes is really important aspect for him.
 Integrity: Project manager is the one who is representing the organization, so project manager is the one who doesn’t try
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Project manager has to have the ability to make a good project scope because it will help the whole team for the rest of the time.
 Time management: Project manager should have the ability to manage the time for the completion of the project effectively to reduce stress, anxiety and improve productivity
 Project Costs: Cost management is another essential skill for the project manager. He has to estimate costs, determine budget and control cost through all the stages of project.
 Team management: Team management is for developing a great team to make a really good project. Project manager should have a good person picking skills by assigning right work to right person.
 Risk management: Project manager should have the ability to deal with these types of unknown risk by identify, analyse, planning and monitoring of risk.
 Political Issues: there should be some political risk during every project so project manager have to examine political climate and conditions to reduce political issues.
Project Environment Knowledge- Change Management
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As a strategic thinker he can be ready for any worst situation and can adjust according to situation.
 Influencing others: Project managers should always encourage his team members by giving rewards or some promotions to them. Influencing others is at the heart of project management.
 Coaching: Project managers should have ability to train his team members to adapt the new changes.
General Management Knowledge and skills:
 Financial Management: Financial management is related to the money. Money is an important factor for the projects. Project managers should know how to deal with the money so financial skills are really important for them.
 Accounting: Accounting is another important field for the project management. Project managers should have some basic knowledge of the accounting so he can deal with the expenses and costs.
 Marketing: Project managers should know about the proper marketing for their project and how to launch project in the market to make a path in a market by attracting all consumers.
 Tactical Planning: Tactical planning is related to short term planning and also with the smart planning by improve productivity of

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