Project Integration Management: The Importance Of Project Planning And Project Management

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One of the effective tools and techniques in expedite implementation of the plans, as well as their cost and time reduction and risk mitigation; is to perform them in a project manner. Nowadays the breadth, complexity and diversity of the proposed projects in various industries, has doubled the importance of project management. There is no doubt that in the meantime, who gives a meaning to a project and run it, is the project manager who can coordinate with multidisciplinary teams to perform well in often turbulence situation. In fact they are part of guardians of national wealth which are entrusted by private or public wealth owners.
Projects Integration Management
For a better understanding of the integrity in managing the project,
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Its application is to persuade all the project 's beneficiaries to accept the plan. This document is a basis to attain the approval of financial investors and all the others who benefit from the project, which helps to lessen the possibility of misinterpretation or any further disputation. There is often a high probability of change of scope during a complex project which need to be controlled by scope manager. A scope manager will benefit from different tools and techniques-before and during progress of the project- in order to ensure its clients of the project 's conformity with its targeted plan and the required modification of each phase. Some of the tools and techniques are as…show more content…
WBS or Work Breakdown Structure seems to be an appropriate method to assess the achievement of requirements of a project scope. As described in PMBOK® guide, by subdividing project deliverables into smaller and more meaningful components, the manager can easily manage and control the project.
For example in an oil and gas drilling project, the entire project 's title can be categorized and broken-down into smaller segments like, exploration, drilling, cementing, waste management. Each phase has been planned in purpose of delivering the job to the other phase since they can 't be achieved simultaneously. A specific amount of budget has been allocated to each phase. Even there might be more than one onshore or offshore site locations which can be monitored separately. Each phase also have its own risk and hazardous definition and specified HSE instruction.
According to the above example, each of these 5 requirements (project title, duration, site location, allocated budget, risks) have been subdivided into smaller phases or components for ease of monitoring and controlling their

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