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If this problem goes unfixed, kids would become rude and bullied, or worse, bullied. When students are bullied that taunting and stress can turn to depression, which could lead to suicide. We don’t want to lose lives because we didn’t take care of bullies. The community feels extremely strong about fixing this problem. They know how bullying is a huge issue and is bad. They don’t want their children to be bullies or bullied. Bullying typically happens more than once or has the potential to happen more than once. When kids are involved in bullying, they are most often playing multiple roles. Children who are aggressive or easily frustrated are most likely to be the bully. The bully doesn't have to be taller or bigger than the victim, they could have more power in a different way also. Bullying victims typically seem weak and unable to defend themselves, are less popular than others, or are depressed and anxious. Some effects of bullying include mental health issues, drug and alcohol use, and even suicide. A study shows that the 1990s, in 12 out of 15 school shooting cases the shooters had a history of being bullied. In conclusion, bullying is a major issue and needs to be fixed. Technology is another area of safety that needs to be fixed. It is important so children aren’t looking up inappropriate things during school. If this problem goes unfixed, eventually students will go crazy. They will think playing games on the computer is typical to do and OK to do at school when they should be learning. The community of Highland Park feels technology should be used at schools. They also say, however, that tech safety is very important. Overall, Technology is overall very beneficial, but a con to using technology is the exposure to cyber... ... middle of paper ... ...g all social media sites and inappropriate websites with a Firewall or other site block. This can help to prevent cyber bullying at school and to keep students of bad sites. Also, to help students pay attention in class, the school teachers can remove games from the laptops and computers. The steps to put this plan in action is to have all the teachers informed on this, put a proxy on all sites, and then monitor the websites used while devices are connected to WiFi. Overall, Project Citizen is a great research assignment to inform kids on topics they might not have known a lot about before. This years topic of school safety was very important and informative. I offered some possible solutions to the problem that could be helpful in real life. In conclusion, school safety is extremely important to all schools everywhere. Works Cited POop

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