Project: Addressing Obsesity as a Health Issue in Northwick Community

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“Better Choice Healthy Life” Intervention in Northwick Community
Social marketing steps
Defining the problem
The problem of interest in this intervention is addressing obesity as a health issue. Is effective communication an essential component in social marketing to effect behavior change in regards to healthy eating and engaging is physical activity? How do we increase the likelihood of improving healthy nutrition behavior through the media, i.e. through the social, food packaging advertising, through the radio or TV?
Involvement of community leaders and stakeholders
After defining the problem, the next step is the involvement of the community leaders, the stakeholders as well as the program funders. The leaders and stakeholders play a crucial role during the period of situational analysis before developing programs and policies on obesity prevention. The partners also help in development of efforts as well as in identifying resources needed in the prevention efforts of obesity ad well as existing local government efforts to ensure program success. After needs assessment the program officials with the help of the other community leaders and stakeholders will plan the first steps of the program planning and implementation.
Purpose of the intervention
The target audience of this intervention will be exposed to marketing, behavior change and the media, with the goal of utilizing innovative approaches to nutrition education. The other purpose is to create awareness to improve the public health in Northwick community, and encourage the community leaders to consider other strategies that will assist in balancing the behavior change of the community members and well as formulate policies and environmental regulation that will suppor...

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...sed to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in the farmers’ markets and the supermarkets. The mothers will also be given fare cards to ensure that they get to the site of the workshops.
During the sessions, the mothers will be given a pretest and post test questionnaires to test their knowledge on good nutrition as well as defining obesity. The questions will also contain questions that will question the parents if they feed their children healthy foods, and if they allow them to engage in physical activity, instead of spending more hours watching TV.

Behavior change
After the workshops the feedback provided by the audience will assist the program implementers to create strategies that will help the parents change their attitude and behaviors towards practicing healthy behaviors. The implementers will provide strategies that are aligned with the program objectives.

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