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Amazon is a very well-known company here and the United States and also globally. Amazon originally started as a small online bookstore in 1994. It soon began to grow rapidly expanding from just books to everything from electronics, to apparel, to furniture. Today, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Up until recently, Amazon has not really rocked the boat when it comes to political and/or social issues. They had remained quiet on many on such issues and have kept their focus on selling products to their loyal consumers. However, this all changed last year. In early 2013, Amazon aired what is considered an extremely controversial commercial featuring their Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. This commercial was different from most commercials because of one key feature within the ad. This feature would be a happily married gay couple. Amazon was very smart in the way they presented their commercial and were able to make a very pronounced statement about the company’s stance on this very controversial topic in a very subtle way. The company was undoubtedly successful in creating a simple commercial that stands out above the rest and publicly solidified their support of gay rights. When the commercial first begins, it does not really grab the viewers’ attention or seem like anything other than a regular ad. The commercial takes place on a beach next to a beautiful island resort. At the beginning of the ad, an attractive man and woman are seen sitting next to each other in beach chairs. The woman is happily reading away on her Kindle but the man appears to be struggling to see on his own e-reader due to the harsh lighting at the beach. The man turns to the woman and asks if her e-reader is a Kindle. She replies... ... middle of paper ... in harsh sunlight. This is such a massive milestone in gay rights and marriage equality. Many companies look to Amazon as a perfect example of an enormously successful company, and may begin to follow in their footsteps by accepting gays into mainstream culture. In fact, shortly after this commercial aired, Microsoft, another massively well-known company, aired a commercial featuring a happy couple consisting of two women. Other major corporations that have recently expressed their support of LGBT rights include two of Amazon’s biggest competitors; Apple and Ebay. Other gay-friendly companies include Starbucks, Target, Levi’s, and Google. Equality for gays will more than likely be an uphill battle for a quite a long time. However, having such a mainstream company like Amazon in support of gay rights, this battle may become just the slightest bit easier.
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