Prohibition and Its Failure

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Prohibition and Its Failure Both sources are fairly similar due to the overall fact that they supported and agreed with the 18th amendment - passed in January 1919. Once the amendment came into effect in 1920, the making, selling and transporting of alcohol were banned (one must note that the actual drinking of alcohol wasn't). Backed by the volsted act, the 18th amendment also stated that 'liquor' was any drink which contained 0.5% alcohol or more. There were two main groups that supported the act, the Women's Christian Temperance Union - led by Carry.A.Nation - and the Anti-Saloon League - led by Wayne Wheeler. I will now explain the ways in which both the sources agree and disagree. Source A gives a wide variety of reasons as to what went wrong with prohibition and why. Firstly it gives an overview of reasons why Prohibition was needed to be introduced such as the bad influence of the saloons and the influences of the Anti-Saloon league and already we know that the evils of alcohol are disrupting everyday life. We then are hit with the main reason as to why alcohol needed to be banned and prohibition introduced: they needed a safe environment and they were in a 'War to Make the World Safe for Democracy'. This would have especially appealed to parents who would have believed that alcohol would eventually 'win' this war and make the world unsafe for the future generations. The source then goes on to explain the consequences of prohibition and how it created the greatest criminal boom in American history, and perhaps in all modern history. The source tells us that no earlier law produced such widespread crime and that the law had gone against the daily customs, habits and desires of so many men. This makes us feel that the law was bound to fail because it had gone against the normal way of life for many people and the criminal boom was inevitable due to the fact that many people would still have preferred their old
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