Progressivism and Philosophy

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Progressivism and Philosophy

It has often been said that it takes a whole village to educate a child. Children learn from watching others, working with others, and experiencing first hand the whole realm of learning. Most children are born inquisitive and eager to learn. Preschoolers and early childhood learners are in the discovery mode and must be allowed to experience the relevancy of learning. Public education is the joint effort of teachers and community to provide learning for children. Teachers must have a specific role with specific goals to accomplish the best results. These goals can be achieved by applying certain teaching methods and classroom management skills. Children learn better in a well-disciplined (controlled) environment that provides the appropriate curriculum for each grade level.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic – the core classes – are essential to the foundation of a child’s education. Without these skills, children would not be able to excel in the “real” world or progress to each level of learning. Furthermore, education should address each students other needs and interests. Since children learn at a different rate or have different interests as to how they learn, it is important that I, as a teacher, be willing to use as many strategies as needed to reach each child. Teach them to read and write and do math computations, but also help them to learn in the areas of art, science, social sciences and music. It will be my job to recognize the needs of my students and teach them the not only basic skills but also creative ones so that they will have a well-rounded curriculum and develop a positive attitude towards learning. I want them to develop a “want to” desire for active participation in future learning.

Cooperative learning is a teaching strategy that has children helping children to learn. It aids in developing leadership, cooperation, creativity, and teamwork – all essential elements in the real world. Using community resources and volunteers will provide variety in the daily routine of school and strengthen the “want to” attitude of children to get actively involved in learning.

It is my opinion that the classroom has gotten to be too “technical”.
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