Progression vs Conservation-From the View Point of Third World Countries

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The act of balancing progression with conservation in third world countries requires a certain period of time. This should be the vision of all developing countries and it is not difficult to be achieved if all parties are willing to put in an effort. For sure this process is not going to be of immediate effect in the midst of this rampant industrial development and economic progression among third world countries in the 21st century. (“The Economy Vs. Environment Debate,” n.d.)
There seemingly appears to be conflict between the act of progressing in terms of development and conservation. Our world has been rapidly changing over the past decade. This is due to the fact that the Industrial Revolution took place towards the end of the 18th century, covering the span of the early 19th century. (“The Economy Vs. Environment Debate,” n.d.)
The Industrial Revolution involved new manufacturing processes and the transition from manual hand production and handling methods into mechanized and automated with the help of machines. The birth of machines and factories give rise to mass production, which eventually led to various environmental threat. (“The Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on Our Environment | Eco Issues,” n.d.) Other significant change includes the drastic conversion from an agrarian and rural society into an industrial society, improved transportation systems with the invention of steam engines as well as the emerging industrial materials of iron and textiles. Machines invented were more purposeful and aid in many manufacturing processes led to a significant increased in the standard of living of certain levels of the society. However, it caused unpleasant employment and exploitation of the working class and the peasan...

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...ency exchange from tourists of developed countries. Apart from that, conservation of the natural environment would increase the likelihood of foreign investors to their land.
There is not a need at all to make a choice between conservation of the environment and the progression of third world countries. With smart sustainable policy, it is not impossible to both promote economic growth while carrying out environmental protection simultaneously. Natural ways of improvising is one of the best approaches to promote economic progression at the same time conserve the environment. A very striking example is the rise of temperature caused by factories brought about a condition where fishes were unable to survive in it. By shifting the factory is not a smart idea as it would impede economic growth and if the local fishermen and farmers for the implementation of
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