Profiles Of Unions in Different Sectors

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Industry/Service: Private Catering Union(s) Involved: (1) IUF, (2) BFAWU, (3) T&G Profile of Union: (1) The International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations (IUF) is an international federation of trade unions representing workers employed in agriculture and plantations, the preparation and manufacture of food and beverages, hotels, restaurants and catering services and all stages of tobacco processing. The IUF currently has 336 trade unions in 120 countries representing a combined membership of over 12 million workers. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Its membership was largely European up until after World War II when it expanded to reach countries in the rest of the world. Following the merger of the previously existing international federations for bakery, brewery and meat workers in 1920, when it was known as the International Union of Food and Drink Workers, the IUF was formed. The issues that the IUF are currently dealing with are the assisting of affiliates to strengthen member unions and it also aims to promote women's equality at the workplace, in society and in the trade union movement whilst providing trade union education programs to help build the strength and independence of affiliated unions. (2) The BFAWU (Bakers, Food & Allied Workers Union) was first formed in 1847 in Manchester, as a group of Journeymen Bakers came together to improve wages and living standards. The following year this group expanded in to a national organisation and it now has approximately 25, 823 members. Over the years the Union has grown in numbers and strength, as well as gathering experience in assisting and protecting workers. It remains a food-based Union, operating and specialising in its own trade. (3) T&G (Transport and General Workers' Union) was founded in 1922 and currently has 835, 000 members in every type of workplace and is considered to be the UK's biggest general union with the majority of its efforts being directed towards winning the best possible pay and conditions for its members. The T&G is the largest food union in the UK. It is the only agricultural workers' union in the UK, the largest brewery union and the second largest tobacco union. Within this sector there are over 110, 000 members which work in food processing, horticulture, tobacco, breweries and the retail food industry. The food, drink and tobacco trade group has over 90,000 members. The T&G aims to improve the British Food Industry's poor safety record of high levels of trips, slips and falls.
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