Professionalism In The Workplace Essay

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Professionalism in the Work Place
Jennifer M Kowalski
Clover Park Technical College

To be a professional in the workplace you need to adhere to the rules and policies of the workplace. A professional is required to meet a certain standard on many levels, from the dress code to how they address their management team. Professionalism means a person has the skill level and training for a certain job and adheres to the ethical and technical standards of the workplace.
Your professionalism deciphers you from your fellow amateur workers. Being professional makes you stand out and be above and beyond the standards and be recognized for your ethics and morals. Learning your role inside and out is a very important part of being a professional. If you don’t know your role to the greatest potential you might be considered an amateur. However, in nurse we are constantly learning something new every day and that is part of our career. We are still able to perform to the highest of our ability with the knowledge that we already have.
A professional looks clean and put ...
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