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Daniel Craven

Q1 How do you develop a culture of professionalism, mutual trust, respect, and support within your area of responsibility?

For a culture to really take off everyone has to buy into it. For that they need to know what they are buying, for what end , and what are the benefits for them and for other people. I have to show people in my area that it pays to be professional, working to gain mutual trust, respectful and supporting so they want it to happen and they do the right things even when no one is looking.

At Durrell we want to save species from extinction. People join us over other companies because they feel some purpose in what we are doing. Through allowing people to see and feel they are contributing to our cause and other factors linked in with it such as conservation and sustainability we can develop a working culture that allows people to feel that they have purpose and ownership in their roles.

The methods we employ to develop these areas of professionalism, mutual trust, respect, and support are through both managing and leading. One of the things I can do is look out for areas we fall short on and assess with the team the best way of improving them. I can then lead through example and motivation to inspire people to see and be the change they want.

Q2 How does having a clear focus help you as a manager and a leader to ensure your team achieve their objectives?

Situations change even if the objective doesn’t, managing and leading with a clear focus helps me to manage and lead through change without taking my eyes off the prize.

When looking at an team objective with a clear focus I can manage the people , the team and resources by knowing what I have got and how best to use...

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...onal style and I think that through flexibly adopting other leadership styles such as democratic, paternalistic , authoritarian , transactional and lassie faire I can learn to propel staff who doubt the team or don't understand or don’t' care enough to still give enough effort to get the task done. By achieving tasks through teams, more individuals can be turned into committed team members and leaders themselves.

Collaboration with other people , teams and organisations can help my team assess and meet our needs and how best to address them while using less or different resources to do so. Challenging situations sometimes call for tough decisions, by becoming a stronger leader who is not afraid to take risks I can help my team embrace change and remain motivated , committed, confident of our future success and willing to rise to new challenges in innovative ways.
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