Professionalism And Quality Of Professionalism

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Professionalism to most people is a quality one has to attain in order to achieve success. Yet in diverse cultures around the world, professionalism is often displayed in different levels as their mindsets and beliefs are different from one another. It would be interesting to compare the professionalism in Taiwan, my home country, to the professionalism I see in the United States, and how I adapt to the changes. Since professionalism is a fairly broad term, I would be taking a comprehensive look into student professionalism and how staggering the discrepancies are in these two different cultures. As I spent the past ten years of my life in Taiwan, I have noticed that there are not many students who possess the quality of professionalism. We usually wait in our homeroom for teachers to come in. However, even if the classes are in the same classroom, plenty of students lack punctuality. There is always a ten-minute break between classes, but it is still common behavior that some students come back to the classroom five to ten minutes late. Although some teachers do not arrive on time themselves, I consider the behavior of students being late extremely unprofessional. Being a punctual person, I was either early or on time for almost every class, no matter where the class is. To many students, they think nothing of their conduct because the teachers themselves come to class late as well. However, as far as I am concerned, being late for class is showing disrespect to the teachers. Therefore, being punctual is a trait that I held on to since middle school. On top of that, the education system in Taiwan influenced how students prioritize their goals in a distorted way. In Taiwan, students in 12th grade are under a lot of pressur... ... middle of paper ... ...p on my homework. Since it would be impossible for me to do everything on my own, I started to reach out for assistance. Thus, seeking for self-improvement is an attitude that I would never let go of in order to achieve success in general. To conclude, the differences between eastern and western cultures had me go through a lot of stress and insecurities about myself. Yet the striking discrepancies molded me into a more independent and perseverant person. I experienced many inner-conflicts and self-doubt, but I found a way out eventually by seeking for outside sources. I am adjusting myself to this new environment with all efforts, and thus I am reaping a lot more than I have expected to. Showing student professionalism had always been an objective of mine no matter where I am. Therefore, I am willing to adhere to my principles and strive to be a student professional.
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