Professionalism And Luxury In The Wolf Of Wall Street

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Mixing Business with Pleasure: An Analytical Comparison of Appeals to Professionalism and Luxury in The Wolf of Wall Street Original Book Cover and Movie Poster
While Jordan Belfort is not as much of a household name as Bernie Madoff, the release of the Oscar-nominated motion picture The Wolf of Wall Street made his story famous. Based on his New York Times bestselling memoir, the movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the infamous stockbroker. Belfort, now a motivational speaker, was convicted of investment fraud and money laundering tied to his brokerage firm, Stratton Oakmont. Coming from a humble, Jewish home in Queens, Belfort turned to stock sales after his plan to become a dentist promised no monetary gain. He quickly took hold of the market with his strategy of selling penny stocks, shares of small public companies that trade for cents. He founded Stratton Oakmont, and the company quickly swelled to employ over one thousand brokers and total more than one billion dollars in stock issues. Belfort’s success led him to the high life—drugs, alcohol, and prostitution—ultimately drawing...
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