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To answer the question of what professional writing is, there are many available avenues. Almost every career field imaginable can involve some sort of “professional writing” or vital usage of rhetoric. There is no strict definition of professional writing. Communications can take this form in marketing and advertising, social science, engineering, business management, education, political science, natural science and life science among many others. I will examine, more closely, the latter of the group, life science, particularly in the human medical world, an area where professional writing refers to following strict sets of guidelines and appeasing to pressures applied for several different source; not merely a means of communicating.

What do medical writers do?

Even after narrowing down professional writing to its different career fields, it can still be a little more specific than the term “professional writing” itself. The medical field is a great example; writers can play crucial roles in pharmaceutical companies, communication resources, contract resource organizations, or perhaps as freelance medical writers (EMWA). I will look more specifically at pharmaceutical companies, where incredible skill and efficiency is required as writers submit documents regarding clinical studies, and in preparing documents to submit to regulatory authorities regarding new products.

Firstly, writers in pharmaceutical agencies can carry a larger burden than in other medical industries due to the fact that, not only does their work possess the ability to do both great social benefit and social harm, but on average, every new drug introduced swallows over $200 million in the United States, and seven to ten years ...

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...d adaptability to the rigorous demands of many parties involved in the process.

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