Professional Values In Nursing

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The Professional Values in Nursing serves as a foundation for nursing practice and how it is translated into practice. As nurses, it is our job to take on the responsibility of promoting values through our actions and develop respect and grow self-awareness as we interact with our patients. We are the voice for our patients, the advocates and show concern for those who are vulnerable.
Core Professional Values
There are five Core Professional Nursing Values: Altruism, Autonomy, Human dignity, Integrity and Social justice. Altruism, “the term is derived from Latin ‘alteri’ or ‘the other’, and describes unselfish attention to the needs of others” (Haigh, 2010, p. 1402). Nurses demonstrate altruism by advocating for their patients, especially for those who are unable to protect themselves. These actions create a climate of caring and professionalism. Growing up, I have always admired nurses because of what they represent and their patience to take care of sick individuals. I became a nurse because I wanted to find a stable and fulfilling career. I started out, as a License Vocational Nurse to see if being a nurse was what I really wanted to be. I found that I enjoyed taking care of patients and being a part of a team that makes people feel better. I went back to school and became a registered nurse because I wanted to be more involved with my patients care and make a difference. Nursing is about having a positive attitude to help and accepting help from others when needed and making a difference in others lives. As a nurse, it is important for me to take care of an individual while respecting their culture and beliefs and have the family involved while delivering the best care safely. I do my best to think of my patie...

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...decision is an opportunity to demonstrate in the commitment to ethics and integrity. The fifth principle is to demonstrate a commitment to compliance and ethics. Kaiser makes sure they adhere to laws and regulations, licensing requirements, accreditation standards and contracts. They strive to do the right thing and make the best decisions when acting with ethics and integrity.
In conclusion, integrating the core professional values into the nursing profession will help strongly in the commitment of providing care for our patients. By incorporating the five values, nurse’s appreciation of respectfulness, caring and human dignity leads to a sense of honor and fulfillment when practicing nursing. As nurses, we learn to take responsibility of promoting values through our actions and be advocates to our patients especially for those who are vulnerable.
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