Professional Sports: A Barrier Meant to be Broken

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The breaking of the color barrier in professional sports was a turning point in history. It happened in 1947, when Jackie Robinson, an African-American athlete, began playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers under the watchful eye of their owner, Branch Rickey. The man who broke this barrier was a hero in his own right, changing the world of baseball as well as aiding the Civil Rights Movement. But this was not his only heroic accomplishment. Robinson was a star athlete as a child, at the University of California, Los Angeles, and in Major League Baseball, later being inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He was in the military and served the United States in World War II. Robinson heavily contributed to the Civil Rights movement, and was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. He was also, from all accounts, a tremendously loving and attentive father and husband. Jackie Robinson was a hero because of his rough upbringing, his outstanding talents, his military service, his participation in the Civil Rights Movement, his break into Major League Baseball, and his resilience as a player and a person. Jackie Robinson came from an upbringing that was far from privileged. He was born in the harsh world of the American south in the early twentieth century. Robinson’s parents were sharecroppers in a small town in Georgia. He came from a family of many children of whom he was the youngest. His father left the family when Robinson was a young boy, which caused the family to relocate to California. This caused the young man to become confused about where he was going early on. He joined a street gang as a young man, but was convinced by good friends and his brothers to aband... ... middle of paper ... ...atter. Robinson is an inspiration to me, and he makes me wonder what I am actually capable of. Maybe one day I could make a contribution to the field of writing similar to his on baseball and all professional sports. If one man can break the color barrier in professional sports at a time in which a near majority of the American population believed that people were inferior because of their skin color, what can I do? Works Cited “Jackie Robinson Biography." The Biography Channel website, 2011. 01 March 2011. Web. 7 February 2014. “Jackie Robinson Quotes.” The Baseball Almanac website, 2000. Web. 7 February 2014. “Quotes by Jackie Robinson.” The Official Jackie Robinson Website, 2011. Web. 7 February 2014.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that jackie robinson broke the color barrier in professional sports in 1947, changing the world of baseball as well as aiding the civil rights movement. robinson was a hero because of his rough upbringing, outstanding talents, military service, and his resilience.
  • Explains that jackie robinson came from an upbringing that was far from privileged. his parents were sharecroppers in a small town in georgia.
  • Describes how robinson became a star athlete when he was attending high school. his outstanding talents garnered him attention from his community and various colleges.
  • Explains that robinson served and was discharged honorably in world war ii, but an incident that took place on a bus allowed him to stand up to racism early on.
  • Opines that jackie robinson is a hero because of his break into the major league from the negro leagues — no african-american baseball player had ever performed in the same league as white players.
  • Explains that robinson was the only african-american in major league baseball. he inspired countless young baseball fans with his brave actions and humble, yet confident stride to the plate.
  • Narrates how robinson was struck with a ball, kicked out of games for things he did not do, and given unfair calls. his outstanding playing and strong heart earned him the most valuable player award in 1949.
  • Analyzes how robinson's celebrity proved to be useful in attracting attention to the cause of civil rights, as a symbol of racial equality.
  • Concludes that jackie robinson is a hero partly because he showed the world that unbelievable things can in fact occur. robinson proved that people can do, write, or think anything they want.
  • Cites the biography channel website and the baseball almanac website for jackie robinson quotes.
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