Professional Profile on Case Aid

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Professional Profile:
My professional experience as a case aid for fours years will fit with a career in counseling now that I have additional educational experiences in general psychology. My educational experience, and work related experiences as stated earlier are case aid skills, home health care aid skills and a residential assistance manager skills, were all focus to serve others and care for others in need of assistance with daily activities, daily monitoring, changing dressings, and helping with getting in and out of bed. Accompany clients to doctors' offices, on other trips outside the home, providing transportation from state assistance and companionship, per Metro Access. Administer prescribed oral medications under written direction of physician as directed by home care nurse who were R.N. I provide information about specific treatment plan, information about programs qualifications, and counseling techniques that included interviewing, and assessments per supervision. Importantly, is my educational background has been mainly driven to establish a name for myself in the field of counseling or psychology. Equally important, I value integrity, setting high standards, while also incorporating core values so I can be successful in the field of counseling that will also demonstrate my professionalism as an employee.
The key components and educational knowledge I have learned and establish for a professional career are interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, out going, team player, problem solving skills, energetic, goal oriented and being well organized. I am ready to put my educational and work experience to work to again more experience in this particular work field (counseling). I am presently pursing a...

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... me to seek more information about people behaviors. I attended Argosy University to gain knowledge, skills and assessed my attitude to make me part of the solution rather than part of the problem. By studying psychology and the theory and history behind its work, I aimed to learn how to help people to help themselves. When that emotionally disturb man/ woman come to me I will have enough information and practical advice and a effective counselor for some agency that I can implement those skills I learn while attending Argosy University. I believe whole heartedly in the value of all people and am interested in the well being of other people. As a counselor I would strive to make another person life worth while including families and communities of those in dire need what ever their problem is my main reason for attending the psychology class at Argosy University.
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