Professional Nursing Pros And Cons

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There are many nurses in my life that I could’ve interviewed, but I decided to choose someone I felt that I had a special connection to. I chose to interview my friend’s mom, who helped take care of my dad after we had our car accident about four years ago. She received her Associate of Science in Nursing from Ivy Tech Community College five years ago. She is certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). She plans to further her education within the next year or so and earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Right now, she is working on obtaining her Med-Surg certification. When I asked her about the pros and cons of nursing, she said, “There are quite a bit of cons I can name, which sounds bad, but even so, the pros still outweigh the cons” (Miller). At the top of her list of pros was how rewarding the job is. She told me, “It makes you feel good to feel needed and help people” (Miller). Of course, she also talked about how great the money and benefits are and how you will…show more content…
You are responsible for making sure your patient is clean, fed, has their pain controlled, making sure they get the right medications, and talking to the doctor and therapists about anything the patient needs or doesn’t need. You also have to make sure that the patient will be taken care of when they go home and that the patient or their caregiver is educated about what they need” (Miller). Another thing she stressed was time management and developing a routine. She told me that the nurses basically run the unit, so if they are unorganized and don’t have a plan of action, everything is going to be chaotic. She said, “There are things that have to be done by certain times throughout your shift, so it’s very important to make a schedule to keep yourself and everyone else
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